LC-2 – USB3.0 Eyepiece Camera


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  • Microscope eyepiece camera with 23.2 diameter and compact size;
  • Easy to extend to C or CS- Mount camera with high quality lens(optional);
  • High-quality camera with Aptina CMOS sensor;
  • Auto white balance and auto-exposure; Brightness, contrast, chroma, and saturation can be adjusted;
  • High-speed USB3.0 interface and high frame rate video display keep the screen smooth without interruption;
  • With advanced video & image processing application ImageView;
  • Providing Windows/Linux/Mac OS multiple platforms SDK;
  • Native C/C++, C#/VB.NET, DirectShow, Twain Control API.

LC-2 USB3.0 Eyepiece Camera is an economic version with simple and compact structure USB3.0 CMOS eyepiece camera. USB3.0 is used as the data transfer interface.

The LC-2 USB3.0 Eyepiece Camera comes with high-speed USB3.0 interface and high frame rate video display keep the screen smooth without interruption; Also the LC-2 USB3.0 Eyepiece Camera comes with advanced video & image processing application ImageView.

Microscope eyepiece camera with 23.2 diameter and compact size.



  • Built-in 3.2 Mega Pixel CMOS camera, vivid images and real color reproduction.
  • High definition images and videos, high frame rate.
  • Professional image analyze software supports Windows Vista / Win 7 / Win8 / Win10 / Mac Operation Systems. The software can preview, take photos and video, do image processing and measurement.
  • Support Multi-language (Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, Polish and etc.).
  • Compact and flexible, ideally suited for desktop, laboratory worktable.

Technical Specifications

LB-205 Binocular Digital Microscope with Seidentopf Binocular Head, Wide Field Eyepiece, Backward Quadruple Nosepiece, Achromatic Objectives, LED Illumination and 3.2MP Camera and Software microscope is ideally suited for school biological education and medical analyses area. We can use it to observe all kinds of slides. It can be widely used in clinics, hospitals, schools, academic labs and scientific research department.

Viewing Head

Seidentopf Binocular Head, Inclined at 30°, Interpupilary Distance 48-75mm
Camera System


2048×1536 (3.2Mega Pixel)

Output Mode


Operation System

Window 2000/ XP/ Vista/ Win 7/ Win8/ Mac


ScopeImage 9.0

Frame Rate

9 fps @ 2048×1536


WF10×/ 18
(optional) P16×/ 12


Backward Quadruple Nosepiece


Achromatic Objective 4×, 10×, 40×, 100×


Double Layers Mechanical Stage 132×142mm/ 75×40mm


Abbe NA1.25 with Iris Diaphragm & Fliter


Coaxial Coarse & Fine Adjustment, Fine Division 0.002mm, Coarse Stroke 37.7mm per Rotation, Fine Stroke 0.2mm per Rotation, Moving Range 20mm


3W LED illumination, Brightness Adjustable
Halogen Lamp 6V/ 20W, Brightness Adjustable (optional)
Kohler illumination (optional)

Optional accessories

Phase Contrast Kit (optional)
Dark-Field Attachment (optional)
Polarization Attachment (optional)
Rechargeable battery (optional)



The LC-2 USB3.0 Eyepiece Camera body, made from aluminum alloy blackening, ocular housing: Dia.32 X 56mm ensures a heavy duty, workhorse solution. The camera is designed with a high quality IR-CUT filter to filter the infrared light and protect the camera sensor. No moving parts included. This design ensures a rugged, robust solution with an increased lifespan when compared to other industrial camera solutions.


Packing Information

Standard Camera Packing List
ACarton L:52cm W:32cm H:33cm (20pcs, 12~17Kg/ carton), not shown in the photo
BGift box L:15cm W:15cm H:10cm (0.25~0.35Kg/ box)
CMDE4 series camera
DHigh-Speed USB3.0 USB315-ATA | USB 3.0 A Male to A Male Cable,1.5m
ECD (Driver & utilities software, Ø8cm)
Optional Accessories
FC-Mount Adapter Housing:108027(HS502)
G108015(Dia.23.2mm to 30.0mm Ring)/Adapter rings for 30mm eyepiece tube
H108016(Dia.23.2mm to 30.5mm Ring)/ Adapter rings for 30.5mm eyepiece tube
I108017(Dia.23.2mm to 31.75mm Ring)/ Adapter rings for 31.75mm eyepiece tube
JCalibration kit106011/TS-M1(X=0.01mm/100Div.);
106013/TS-M7(X=0.01mm/100Div., 0.10mm/100Div.)

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