Applications & Information 4

Where can I download Dino-Lite microscope software and updates?

Why choose Dino-Lite microscopes?

What are the Dino-Lite System Requirements?

Is there more information on the Dino-Lite microscope products?

Eyepiece Camera 3

Color adjustment for Dino-Eye eyepiece camera

Measuring with Dino-Eye eyepiece camera

About Dino-Eye eyepiece cameras

Getting Started 5

DinoCapture User Guides

How do I clean a Dino-Lite?

Which Dino-Lite Driver do I need?

How to find the model or serial number?

Guides & Information

Hardware 8

Nozzle (endcap) material information

Glass or plastic lens

Environmental temperature and pressure

Dino-Lite power consumption

Does the Dino-Lite store user data (data volatility)

About the MicroTouch feature

About polarization

About USB 3.0 and Dino-Lite

Lighting/LEDs 6

LED wavelength information

Infrared light sensitivity

Built-in LED light lifetime

How fast can the LEDs be cycled ON/OFF

Does the strobe feature affect LED lifetime?

Do UV and IR models contain visible light filters?

Mac OS/DinoXcope 9

Transfer DinoXcope files to another Mac

DinoXcope error: “unidentified developer”

Using DinoCapture Windows software on Mac OS

Mac OS 10.11+ (El Capitan) and Newer Versions Compatibility

Mac OS Troubleshooting

Mac OS Compatibility

DinoXcope opens but only has a black screen

DinoXcope is installed but does not open

macOS High Sierra, Mojave 10.13+ Compatibility

Misc 1

Use in ESD and MRI environments

Mobile/Wireless 6

Using Dino-Lite on Windows RT

Digital zoom on mobile devices

View the Wi-Fi streamer on a Windows computer

Android USB Compatibility Info

WF-10 Wifi Streamer Compatibility Info

Using Dino-Lite on Google Chromebook

Optics 2

About numeric aperture

Traditional vs digital microscope magnification

Refunds and Repairs 2

Warranty – Repairs

Product Returns

Sensor 2

About color correction

About refresh speed / frame rate (FPS)

Shipping 6

Tracking Your Shipment

International Shipping rates

FedEx shipments Customs Clearance Rates

Local Importation Taxes to Mexico

Local Importation Taxes to Canada

Free Shipping

Troubleshooting 12

Device Manager Error: Code 43

Device Manager Error: Code 28

Device Manager Error: Code 19 or 39

Device Manager Error: Code 10

Strobe light model: a portion of the screen is dark

Software opens but live image window missing

Camera window is completely black

Upgrading to Windows 10

Using older models with Windows 8 and 10

Microscope not recognized

Dino-Lite not working after Windows 10 Update

DinoCapture crashes or does not open

Windows/DinoCapture 14

Saving GPS location information

About recording audio

Captured image and video file sizes

Which format/resolution/DPI should be used

Default email application used by DinoCapture

Save camera settings profile

Multiple Dino-Lite devices on one computer

Transfer DinoCapture files to another computer

How to record a time-lapse video

Continuous measurement (keep tool active)

How to use edge detection

How to use EDOF (Extended depth of field)

How to use Auto Calibration (CS-40)

How to use the Customize Shortcuts feature


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